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okay, so my best friends boyfriend told me a few days ago that he likes me and has for awhile now, I kinda like him but not THAT much, and he knows that, but I don't know what to do and how to act around him. I can't just tell my best friend he likes me .. but I don't know what to do, because I know my best friend likes other guys besides her own boyfriend. it's so stressful! :( all the while, I like this amazing guy, and I wish he liked me back.. :/ but I'm not even allowed to date so... I don't know what on earth to do, ignore him? tell my best friend? stick with the guy I like? please help!?! :/


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  • You are mixing too much up into one thing. Separate the issues and it won't be so bad.

    1. Your best friend's boyfriend-ignore him. Hey, great, it is flattering to know he finds you attractive, but he is with your friend and you don't even like him that much. Oh, and it doesn't matter that she likes other guys, it still would not be cool to date him or try to hookup with him in any way. Oh and don't tell your friend. You will just end up being the bad guy. I have never seen this go well. The guy could lie and say he never said that or your friend could think you provoked it.

    2. I don't really get what you are asking about sticking with the guy you like? He apparently isn't showing you any interest so I don't know what you are sticking to. I think you should try and keep your head clear for a bit here until some of this drama with your best friend's boyfriend goes away and you are less stressed out. Until then, hey it doesn't hurt to daydream about the guy you do like.

    • your right, and thank you...next time I will separate them lol, and actually the guy I like sorta acts like he likes me, and he's called me pretty but that's as far as it has gone, but were really good friends... and as for my best friend and that guy, well, they broke up because of some messages he and another girl were sending back and forth apparently they were just a "prank" yeah right, he's definitely going down in my standings,... lol but thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.! :)

    • You got it, and thanks for Best Answer.

    • haha and not a problem, thanks for giving me the best advice lol :D

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