If he loves me, why does he purposely not answer my texts for a while?

He told me that he loves me today, he swore to god he loves me to death. I asked him why he's changing like that after he said he doesn't wanna ruin our friendship. but now he really loves me he has to tell me..then why does he keep ditching me?He texts me, we flirt but then he goes for a while and then answers me, most of the time not even mentioning anything. It's unbelievable! I mean, answering after 6 hours?! I actually love him, any advice?


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  • maybe he was busy..

    • but he does it constantly

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    • i've seen my friends get crazy over a boyfriend not answering their text after 10 minutes.. trust me you don't want to let yourself get so clingy and crazy.. eventually it will turn him off

    • thanksss!:D