How come people always say "You will sure find someone someday"?

Do people say this to make others feel better or is it a true belief?

I am not whining at all. It's just that each day I look around and see my friends and acquittance get engaged and married whilst I'm still being single. I was in a hurtful relationship that ended a year ago. I haven't found a lover yet even though I really want to.

Sometimes I believe I won't ever find him. Why are people so sure everybody will find a match? What do you think?


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  • I don't know the reason why you are alone, so I will be taking it from a number of common angle.

    You are not a very social girls and don't like to spend too much time away from home and with friends, especially new friends: In this case, you are not even trying. You are expecting your name to walk into your life proclaiming to be your soul mate. You can't expect God, if he exist, to do all the work. He gave you free will for a reason. Put some effort into finding a guy, as your friend's boyfriend to set you up with somebody. Guys tend to hang around other guy with similar personality, so ask a girl friend who have a boyfriend that you like. There are a ton of other solution, online dating is pretty common nowadays.

    You are very picky: Some people are picky because they have reasonable standard. Intelligent, reliability, and humor are all commendable quality, but if you keep telling yourself that he is not good enough for you. You might be snobby. Don't judge a guy so fast, granted some guy don't take very long to judge.

    You have a horrible personality or you are unattractive: Can't buy a Ferrari with just a few thousands. You will have to settle for something less. If it is your personality, you will have to find a guy that can put up with you.

    I have a girl friend that is incredibly cute. The only problem is that she always must be in control of the relationship and it drive all her boyfriend crazy.

    If I were you, I would create a plan. Write down what you like in a guy. All the quality that you want and then come up with at least 5 ways in which you can meet new guys. Friends introduction, sport club, etc.

    Go out there and find your guy, don't sit back and expect him to come knocking.

    • It's definitely reason number 1. I don't socialize anymore. I'm too busy with work. I was in a bad relationship so I wanted to work on myself and my career, kind of running away from love because it caused pain to me all the time. I have always been taken for granted.

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    • Take up a sport or something. It will be good for your health and get your butt out of your house. Don't start with something hard if you are not fit. Walking or running club is a good start, or better yet something that you used to do in high school.

      Don't even look for a guy, just let it happen.

      You didn't say you were shy, so I am assuming you are not. If you are, I would recommend online dating. Google how to make a good impression online and go from there.

    • No, I'm not shy and thank you so much :)

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  • People say that as a cliche way of making you feel better. The odds are you will find somebody though even though he may not be as perfect as you would like. To me finding someone is easy but finding someone you really want that wants you too isn't common.

    • I want the latter. If I want a guy, it's easy, but I want a partner. I want someone that really wants me and I really want him.

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    • Do you believe you will find that special girl oneday or did you give up?

    • I absolutely think I'll find her but there will always be issues in relationships.

  • We all see the same thing, around that age. Marriages being made, family's created. I thought the same way myself. Funny thing is when you stop searching so hard, the man/woman your looking for falls in your lap.

    • Do you believe that when you stop searching, your SO appears in your life? How so?

    • Well, whenever I've felt alone, and the need for relationship, Oddly women want nothing to do with me, but once I put focus in other parts of my life. I have no problem finding one. Of course none of them are perfect, but with patience, and compromise I've had some really good ones.

  • most people now no longer find a person to be with ultimately

  • honestly not everyone does due to either being selective over the years or being flat out unlucky.


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