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so I met this guy about three months ago. we hit it off on our first meeting and he even gave me his number that day too. I'm suoer shy and never hit him up. a month later I found him on Facebook because turns out we have mutual friends. he messaged me asking me why I hadn't texted him or called him. the next day I decided to text him, we talked for a bit and that was it. two weeks later he texted me asking to hang out. it caught me by surprise that he had really saved my number and that he would want to hang out. unfortunately my plans changed and I couldn't make it. the next week school was starting up again and we ran into each other once again I was surprised he remembered who I was because we had only seen each other that one time. so far he has been the one who always texts me and calls me first. now we hang out between our classes and I noticed that we really listens to what I tell him because in other conversations he'll bring up topics from previous days. the only thing is that there will be days where we don't see each other nor talk. I have to say that I am really interested in him but because I am so shy I find it really hard to show my emotions towards him or show any sign of interest. I also stio myself because I don't know how he feels towards me. advice please?


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  • If you like him, you really should try to flirt with him some. There are some things you can do, though some of them will be natural reflexes.

    1) Show some nervousness when talking to him. If he has any situational awareness, he will wonder why.

    2) Fidget around with your keys, cell phone, anything within reach.

    3) Bite your lip, play with your hair, etc.

    4) Giggle.

    5) Stroke his arm.

    It all really comes down to taking the risk. He clearly likes hanging out with and talking to you, so don't worry about him being annoyed. Another thing you can do is treat him the way you treat your closer friends. That helps especially if he sees it because he will know you treat him special.


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