Should I text this guy?

Last weekend I went to a party with some of my girl friends, and while I was there I saw one of the guys I went to orientation with over the summer. We got to talking, since we only recognized each other. He was really sweet and pretty touchy feely, so I gave him my number and told him I'd love to hang out sometime. He seemed pretty happy about it and texted me to make sure I got home okay. Later that week, I texted him while I was bored in class. He asked me out to dinner, but I couldn't go since I had other plans already. That was last Wednesday and he hasn't texted me since. I know we can't hang out now since we're on Spring Break and he lives in another state, but should I send him a "Hey, what's up?" text just to reassure him I'm interested?


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  • offcourse you should text him :) do it right now

    good luck with him :)


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