Only two, but a hard decision... who do I choose?

I dated this guy, a year ago during school. and we broke up because we didn't think we could last together through the summer. So starting the next school year we both went to different schools and I don't see him as much, well actually I rarely see him and I met a different guy. We talk ALOT! And we dated for a short period of time and people started to interfere so I broke up with him. Then one day I got a call from the other guy and he told me that he never forgot about me, and that although he doesn't see me that often he still loves me, and I can randomly see myself with him in the future but yet. I know I will be VERY VERY happy if I stay with the new guy I met.. Who do I choose?


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  • If you want a rewarding relationship, you won't chose either before realizing what you really want.