If you could set 3 to 5 etiquette rules for texting, what would they be?

They could be anything from frequency, allowed reply time, things that make you mad about the whole texting phenomenon, what you consider rude and what rule you would enact to abolish that behavior, etc. It seems many have different ideas about what texting should and shouldn't include or varying things that just get under their skin. What are yours?


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  • 1. Don't use strange acronyms which nobody knows.. and don't overuse any of them anyway

    2. Reply within 15 minutes and if you got to go - inform the other person about it

    3. Don't use one-word messages if your intent is not to shake off that person

    4. Stick to 1:1 ratio as close as possible, if the other person haven't replied, don't bombard them

    5. Don't message them while they're clearly busy or... sleeping.


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  • These are rules for meant for men. It would be nice if women picked up on them too.

    #1 If you plan on having a conversation, call. Do not text. Anything over 3 sentences in one message is too much. Call. I hate it someone sends me a f***ing novel!

    #2 If your a real man, call a girl. Never text a girl unless you are sending a one sentence statement needing no detailed reply.

    #3 Please try your best to spell correctly. Grammar should not really apply just try to make sense of what your trying to say. Grammar is highly useful when writing long thought out paragraphs. ---->Please see rule #1.

    #4 Men only, never use lol-s (use hahas, or that funny!), btw-s, wth-s, fml-s etc. Leave those abbreviations to high school girls. No more than one exclamation point after a sentence, and no more than one emoticon per message.

    #Try to read a text message objectively and do not assume anything other than what is written.

    These are just a few. With continued texting abuse, our communication skills as a civilization will continue to regress into a abbreviated.

    Or could this be the beginning of an evolved and abbreviated new form of communication that will take over the whole entire English language. Hmmm.

  • No texting in front of people, that's just rude.

    Only text for increadibly simple matters.

    Don't take so long to answer back and if you do make sure to apologize.

    I used to like texting, but now I hate it, calling people is so much better.

  • -don't take 5 hours to respond.

    -Don't ask to text me and then exchange two weak texts before not responding

    -don't continue the same exact conversation 2 days after not responding saying "Sorry I didn't text back but yeah, ____"

    So stop it! you know who you are..

  • 1 Avoid text lingo like the plague

    2 Seriously, like the plague

    3 Like the f***ing plague

  • *Dont answer two days later. ( If its evening and you sleep text me the following day its ok.)

    *One long message is better than 5 short ones. And messages containing a question mark only are not real messages. Texting is not msn.

    for some people you even have to add this:

    *Use a language that exists please...

  • Only one and that is do not text me. Call me. I hate texting.

  • I'd only have one; appreciate the fact that I am actually trying to talk to you when I text you and don't act like it's taking so much goddamn effort out of your day when YOU gave me your number.

    I can't stand this, and it happens all the time.

    • Ok, so what's appropriate here, how long does the person have to respond? Is it different for people your interested in being in a relationship versus say a buddy or friend? And if so, why the distinction?

    • I don't care about any of that. Just don't act like I'm boring you, that's all I ask. Unless I like, forced you to give me your number, then you can do that, but if you give someone your number, be nice to them when you text them.

  • 1. Don't send multiple messages all at once. If you can't stay within the character limit for a single message, then you should call rather than text.

    2. Don't send one word messages. For example, unless asked for it, there is no need to confirm with an "ok". Furthermore, if a joke is made, the "lol" is implied and is not necessary.

    3. If you initiate the conversation while out with people, then you have no right to complain if you end up spending too much time on your phone. If you are worried about this happening, don't text.

    4. If you receive a text about a matter of urgence, then either send a text or call as soon as possible. Don't wait hours or days. Furthermore, if you are texting about a matter of urgence, then if you don't hear back within a reasonable timeframe, please call. Don't send another text.

    5. Using some shorthand is acceptable in a text; however, if every word is shorthand, it's almost impossible to decipher after reading it once. Also, do not invent shorthand for words; if you've never seen it used before, then don't expect anyone else to have either.

    Hope that helps! If I think of any more "rules", I will post them.

  • 1. Respond (or send) when you are able to and have something to say, pay no attention to any "wait this long" advice. (people often forget text messaging is not instantaneous)

    2. If you're going to use text speak or shorthand, do it with someone you know and are comfortable with. It doesn't make a good first impression.

    3. Don't send a pointless text. It should encourage some sort of discussion.

    4. (For someone you text or will text A LOT) Ask them what they're texting plan is.

  • Use proper spelling and puncuation.

    Actually call someone once every now and then.

    Don't overuse smilies or anything else like that.

    • I think in some situations like if you are in a hurry, you don't necessarily need to type in correct spelling but to the extent of understand clearly. I use smiley faces on everyone to show that I am in a good mood and it can change the whole conversation example: "whatever." to "whatever :)" see that? changes everything but yeah you are right, don't use it all the time especially if you are at a super adult mature age.

  • 1. Check your damn phone every once in awhile.

    2. NOT REPLYING is not an option.

  • excellent question my friend, Now I wouldn't make this an etiquette rule, and I can't think of 3 to 5 but I thought of 1. I'm sorry, a character shorter than one cannot be sent.

  • 1) Txt once every twenty minutes, possible a half hour.

    2) No personal stuff, its just way to complicated to express how you feel with just text.

    3) If you are going to text constantly, make it fast.

    4) Answer back, if not have an excuse legit or not. Being ignored is the worst.

  • my personal deal is this... I treat texts like a conversation. too many people see that as a sign of being too much. but what's the point of not responding to a text right away if you have the time?

    keep communication open, don't wait to respond for the point of making the other person wait.

    if you like the person you're responding to, don't be afraid to show similar enthusiasm. humans thrive on interaction. keep interacting

  • Just use complete sentences. I'm so sick of, "how are you doinn" or mispellings or "leet speak" or what ever. Just a personal issue but it bothers me haha!

  • Grammar is number one. What's the point of the text if I can't comprehend it?

  • - Don't send boring text, light up and be funny

    - Don't bombard me with texts

    - Don't overreact if I didn't reply right away, I have a life

    - Don't play stupid games with me

    - Never try to text about something serious


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  • * Don't be a clingy texter - someone who has to know what I'm doing all the f***ing time, and flips out when I don't answer right away. Don't text me every single day. Don't initiate a conversation more than once in a day, unless you have something REALLY F***ING IMPORTANT to say the second time.

    * Don't be a stagnant texter - the person who always texts "hey" and "what's up" and that's all you ever contribute. After that it's just one word replies and generic comments/questions. Don't text me unless you actually have something to say.

    * Don't randomly disappear. If you are busy, say so. If you have to (or want to) end the conversation, say so. I will understand. If you just randomly stop texting me without warning, you better have damn good reason.

    * If you have to/want to end the conversation, don't f***ing apologize for it, or act like you think I'm gonna get offended or upset. I understand. I am a busy person too, I get it.

    * Don't send one word texts. If you send me a one word text, I will either not respond, or I will say something rude. (Exception: If there is a really legitimate reason, such as I asked a yes or no question requiring no further discussion)

    * Don't tell me your life story in a text. If you want to say something long or vitally important, f***ing call me or better yet, tell me in person.

    * Don't try to have a super serious conversation in a text. If it's that important, why can't you call me? Even that's a stretch, though. If you want to talk about something really serious/important, I would rather do it face to face.

    * Don't ever, I mean EVER, f***ing try to have a fight/argument with me in a text. It will only make things worse.

  • *Respond to a text as soon as you can, I dislike waiting games as much as you probably do.

    *Don't text in front of you friends or family if you are spending company time with them.

    *dont "txt lyk dis al da tym because it makz you luk lyk a dumazz person and I will nvr respond to dat."

    *Don't make any smiley/ sad or any other kind of faces to a text if it is about a serious conversation.

    *No texting while driving, my sister actually got in a crash and hit this water-based system in our apartent complex now having to pay 11,500 dollars.

    *Don't type "lol" unless you are trying to avoid someone greatly, you might as well say, " I don't

    find it funny and I have nothing else to say about that"

    *Don't text the same conversation over and over, if you want to text me, it better be something interesting besides "hi" or "whats up" It need to be at least a sentence of 4 words at least.

    *No multiple messages at once, just makes the whole text conversation confusing which can lead to misscommmunication and possibly a fight.

    *No typing in all caps unless you are mad because I always think when people type in caps that they are yelling at me :( and it hurts my feelings haha

  • Here are the rules I follow when I text my bf.

    - I don't always initiate texting. Sometimes I text him first, sometimes he does. "Good morning texts" shouldn't be everyday either, or it gets boring.

    - Don't text again until he replies, unless you have a specific question to ask or something important he needs to know (ex: When will you be there? or I will be 15 minutes late.)

    - Don't text like a mad woman. Don't text if you have nothing to say, basically.

    - If you miss the guy and want to chat, call him or text him to let him know that you want to chat. Chatting through text is DREADFUL, my friend. I try to avoid it.

    - Texting "<3" or "xox" is sweet sometimes, when you have nothing to say in particular (see previous rule). Just don't overdo it, it should stay very sweet.

    Also, the amount you text depends on your relationship with the guy. When my relationship with my boyfriend was very young (aka 1-3 months), I'd REALLY keep myself from texting too much. I'd always reply in a reasonable time (minutes or an hour), but I wouldn't text more than once or twice a day. To text more, wait until you're in an older relationship and until you know the guy's schedule very well. My boyfriend and I text a lot nowadays but we also go to the same uni and have each others' full schedules.

  • 1) when you are around someone, don't constantly be texting. also don't make big reactions to texts and not say what the text said its just frustrating and rude.

    2)reply within two hours.

    3) if you are not going to be texting any longer notify the person as opposed to disappearing forever.

  • don't text and drive (pull over)

    don't text in the middle of a conversation.

    if you are texting while with a friend of boyfriend/girlfriend tell them who you're texting/fill them in(It's awkward not knowing, especially as the gf)

    don't be on the damn thing for so long! is real life really that bad? live your life, don't have your head buried in your phone all the time.

    I remeber going to this party and literally everyone in the room was texting and the sad part was they were texting each other...

    I heard this somewhere, that it if someone your with checks their phone, you should too as a way of saying your OK with it and so it's not awkward.

    And as an Italian who thinks of dinner time as a sacred and spiritual experience DON'T HAVE YOUR DAMN PHONE OUT AT THE TABLE. haha.

    but I would never tell someone to put it away, just say something aknowledging it, like "oh the internet works here?"

    oh another is, realize the world doesn't revolve around you, one time this lady looking down at her phone, paraded right in front of my mom's car as we were about to leave a parking look. We didn't see her coming and almost hit her, even slamming the breaks, she didn't glance up from her phone once... kind of wish we hit the gas instead;D I kiddd I kid!

  • 1. Don't send back a text just saying "k". It's so annoying. At LEAST type "Okay" or "Yes" or "Alright" but one letter is just not worth sending to a person.

    2. Please don't reply a week later. If I sent a text a week ago asking what the homework is for tomorrow, it's pretty obvious that I don't really care about it at that point anymore. Don't reply. Or simply say "Sorry I didn't reply sooner" instead of answering the question that doesn't matter.

    3. Make your signature something that actually makes sense. Having to read "I<3JUSTINBIEBER" after each text is pretty stupid. No offense.

    • Oh yeah, and there should be something that shows when the other person is texting, so you don't end up sending something RIGHT when you get a text message, and then you have to save your text as a draft, read the other person's text, reply to that, then send yours. If it still makes any sense after what you replied to your friend. Hahaa...

  • 1) Do not give close ended answer, unless if I ask a close ended question. I am tolerable with one word text only when a yes/no question is asked or when I inform you something.

    2) Do not ask complicated question using text, call me instead.

    3) Do not ask questions like: 'Are you asleep? :-) Can I ask you a question?, Are you free now? etc, just tell me what you need and I'll see if I can help. Do not expect me to be concerned and ask why, what's up because chances are I'm going to answer a yes/no to that silly text.

    4) Do not overuse smileys because it makes me look like I'm a cold person.

    5) Just to wrap up, don't text me to 'talk' to me for leisure purpose unless you are a close friend of mine. Text is just annoying especially from people that you don't really like.

  • 1. no blank messages

    2. text shortnings are acceptable as long as they are understandable and no longer than 4 letters or else it gets complicated and hard to understand, if its longer than 4 letters write te words.

    3. mispellings are okay as long as the word is still readable and understandable/easily deciferd.

    4. if your going to have a long conversation then by all means call the person, unless you or the other person are in a situation where this is not possible

    5. if it can wait until you see each other in person do so

  • 1) Do not motherf***ing 'k' me.

    2) don't just send back lol

    3) don't one word text, when you initiated the conversation.

    4) don't text me multiple messages without a response from me.

  • 1. Absolutely no one word/character texts, especially with periods afterward, or even space period. Ex) "K." or "K ." or "Ya" not even "LOL" etc.

    2. Give the other person however long they need to reply! Maybe they don't want to talk to you, maybe they're busy. So give them their time! I hate when guys text me "Hello? Hey. Are you there? Where did you go?" every 2 minutes when I don't reply. Do not freak out. If it's important, call them. If not, let it go.

    3. I do actually think guys should be the one who start a converstation. It just feels right.

    4. I personally don't like added "z's" like "lolz."

  • No mass texts

    Don't have a "real" conversation via text.

    Don't pretend to have sent the wrong text to someone when you really did it on purpose hoping to spark a conversation

  • I hate texting and really prefer not to do it, but these things I hate even more

    1) People who answer texts with just "k" or "okay", Say something else or don't say anything at all, that's really annoying especially when your sleep or something and then you get this text.

    2) I hate when people complain about response time

    3) Don't text me @ 6 in the morning just to say "good morning" ._.

    • Hmm, you sound about as bitter as I am about the whole thing, I've thought about throwing the cell phone in a lake lately...

  • 1. Answer every part of the text.

    2. No one word texts ever.

    3. texting first is a half and half effort.

    4. Yuo can't just slow up on texting after 7 months of texting everyday unless there is a legit reason.

  • Dont text me with the following: k, OK, lol, true, oh. You won't get a reply because that leaves me with nothing to say back.

    If you're busy just say that, don't try to hold a conversation and then reply 40mins in between.

    Engage in the conversation. This is not an interview!

    I think that covers everything.

  • 1. I tolerate some textspeak, but please no extremely forced spelling. My friend spells runaway like "wunyaway" and it's really annoying and stupid.

    2. Don't answer a week later. It doesn't matter anymore. Not relevant, especially if I'm asking you about tomorrow.

    3. Don't act irritated and busy, because you bother me when I'm busy and I actually help you.

    4. I prefer calls to texts, so call me if you can.

  • 1. One WORD freaking replies!



    4. REMEMBER the 30 MINUTE rule.

    5. Keep it INTERESTING.

    6. Guys, Have a Heart and don't text me and say, "hey", and I reply with ,"Hey.", and you say Sup. That's like a wakeup call to girls saying that you are going to put up a pretty lame ass conversation.

    There's more, but that will do for now.

  • 1) Don't over-use exclamation marks.

    2) Don't use text talk

    3)Stop playing games by waiting a while to text back. If you can text back, text back. If you can't, say 'I'll text you later' and DO

  • Right texting donts

    Essay texts are boring keep em small and sweet

    Leaving a person hanging in text convo rude

    One word or letter replys rude

    Hate lol smileys

  • Just text when it's important

    like something to this nature "where are you? I can't call you, how come you aren't home yet?"

    Usually I text only because I couldn't call him. hahahaha

  • i just think that no matter who the person is people should always reply back and never ignore a text. anything surpassing 24 hrs is rude and just dumb.

    and this is event applied to romantic relationships but like friendship too I had a best friend who never replied to my texts only when she wanted to hang out or whatever was convenient for her...its like I was communicating with a wall...if you can't keep in touch with friends then don't be friends at all. life isn't a silent movie.

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