Is it true that all or most of the girls who have dated lots of guys, have had many boyfriends, will struggle

once they reach thirty? over 35 or over 40? All of the girls who have been in a lot of relationships, have had a lot of boyfriends, have dated a lot, have had a lot of experience with the oppossite sex, women who experienced all of this in their teens and 20's, once their 30's begin, and if they are single in that time, they will have it harder meanwhile guys will have it easier? If this is true, this makes me want to laugh and taunt at all of you hot, cute, pretty girls who have it so easy in the dating and relationship scene, can pretty much attract a lot of guys with just your looks only, I feel that is Karma, Revenge against you girls for always rejecting the "nice-guy", the socially-awkward, quiet, geeky, nerdy guy, etc.

since women, girls, bitches don't owe me sh*t, don't owe me anything, than that means I don't owe them any sympathy or any respect at all, overall, literally nothing, since they don't owe me anything then I won't owe them anything.
i was expecting more female responses here


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  • if this is true, then it cheers me up a lot, I think what you are saying is true to a certain extent, eventhough I'm a pathetic virgin male in my 20's, what David DeAngelo says here kinda makes me day:


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  • it sounds like you're bitter about something?

    not all good looking girls have had a lot of bf's or dating experience and whatever else you named in your list

    i don't think I could live life wishing others worst off? you know? because...I really feel you can be more positive if you let go of the hate, if some beautiful girl was a bitch to you in the past, let it go because when I read this question, it really made me feel you had some hatred or hurt from a previous dating/ relationship experience.

    • no, I just have never dated before

  • lol


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  • i wouldn't know

  • yeah I think so, so I guess Karma exists

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