He never called - I'm crying.

So I have had this huge crush on a guy at school for a few months. I finally had the courage (or stupidity?) to ask him out. Anyway, he sounded excited actually, he said YES, and we had a nice conversation on the phone.

He promised to call me yesterday in order to set a plan for today. He did not call yesterday and not the day we were supposed to go out on the date either.

I'm confused as to what happened, I feel so sad and worthless and I can´t even focus on school What can I do? Is it wrong to call? My friends warn me against calling him saying it seems desperate.

PLease what do I do? I Can´t stop crying


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  • There are 2,999,999,999 other guys in the world. Ask one of them out. Who knows, maybe the guy's gay.

    • Is it wrong of me to call him on Sunday? Meaning 4 days after the planned date?

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  • If I were you (which clearly I'm not) I'd take a giant chill pill and look for a more willing accomplice. But maybe you require something more to find a closure of sorts. If so, then go for it.

  • Well what you are doing is good. Cry a river, then when you are calmed down, things will get better. It sucks, but it's not the end of the world. I can't count the number of times I've been turned down like this, that's just life.

    • is it wrong to call and see what happened?

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    • But the thing is I will not see him! So that means I have to call. You see we do not have the same classes. I'm so sad and I'm cryingso much. Could it be something I said or did or was?

    • Just let a little time pass, and call him when you are less sad.

      Regarding the "what/where/why" aspect, you asked him, he said yes, he said he'd call back to set a plan, he didn't, so he probably doesn't care, and he's a *censored* for leading you on, that's all.

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