Is it wrong to call him I'm going out of my mind?

I'm so Sad. I'm going crazy . I don´t know what to do, We had a plan that we would meet each other yesterday for the first time ( a date with a guy I really really really like). He was supposed to call me two days ago. He did not. Neither did he call yesterday. But I don´t understand what happened between our lovely conversation about meeting up and yesterday. I'm crying so much,

Is it wrong to call to ask what happened or is it desperate? I'm so sad, I like him so much.


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  • I think he bailed out. Tough luck.

    Despite how much you like him, I have a tip for you ...

    The next time he calls or wants to talk to you, tell him you're busy and he can try tomorrow. So when he does try the following day, don't pick up. Fight fire with fire and play the same game he's currently doing.

    In the meantime, go talk to new guys that you may have interest in. Exchange numbers. You're single, you're out on the market. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to play the field.

    And if you are going to cry or keep your fingers crossed in hoping this guy contacts you, then you're betting too many chips on him and becoming clingy.

    • but I don?t understand why he bailed. I don?t understand what I said. I don?t understand why. Maybe I was too cold on the phone and that's why he didn't feel a connection or something. But I was so nervous. he seemed so excited.

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  • If it was a weekend he probably went out with his friends instead. I don't think its wrong to call and ask wtf if you want. If someone does that to me on the first date I'd probably label them a flake and move on but I'm not partial to disliking flakers.


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  • woww you are too emotional on your crush. he's not even your boyfriend yet LOL. anyway don't assume too much until you know the truth, what you can do is to call back after a few days and ask him nicely/casually.

  • Just call him. Maybe her forgot. It's only desperate if you beg him to hangout with you after he turns you down. Sure maybe he was avoiding you but maybe he forgot. There is only one way to tell and that would be to call. Sometimes we have to put ourselves on the line, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    • but then agian: if he was into me would he not REmember!?!?

    • not necessarily, he is a guy remember.

    • Bollocks. An interested guy won't "forget".