Called a girl I like when I was drunk and she was not!

I was out with my friend, having a blast, drinking, singing and such. At the time we were going to the club, I felt like calling a girl I met on the club a few weeks ago, I also knew I shouldn't call her since I was drunk and she wasn't so I texted her: "do not awnser if I call!" and she replied "Why not? O_O" (she knew I was out that night)

So when she replied like that I was like "oh, I'll just call and explain why" so I called and somehow I forgot to explain why she shouldn't awnser and we talked about other stuff for about an hour.

Now this is my question... when we met on the club she and I talked for about 2 hours, I aksed her if she wanted to dance after an hour of talking talking to her, and she said yes, and we walked over to the dancefloor and "danced" if you can call it that, it was more like holding our foreheads against each others and circling around, hugging each other (no kissing though, she have a boyfriend xD). Now here is the question for real!: when we were dancing I pulled my hair a couple of times (I have it layed back) and she kept doing the same, smiling at me :)

So when we were talking on the phone, drunk as I was, I asked idiotic questions like "aren't you gonna break up with your boyfriend anytime soon?" and I also said "when you kept pulling you hair back, reflecting my movement, that got to mean someting" like that she liked me. she replied "Don't look too much into it"

So what is your thoughts about this? this question is very strange and long, but I didn't want to leave out the details!


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  • She has a boyfriend, plain and simple. The people that cheat are obviously the worst (and she crossed a few lines), but the people that try to help cheat and break up relationships are a close second. Karma, my friend. What you do unto others will surely be done unto you one day in return. Good or bad.

    • It's not that black and white, She said almost in the beginning of when we started to talk that she someday would break up with her boyfriend, that means she probably doesn't feel for him as she used to do. and they have a distance relationship. If you have ever liked someone you know how f***ed up your brain can get by love, that's what I think atleast. If she loved him she would not have letted me kiss her on the cheek and hug her. and I didn't try to kiss her since she had a boyfriend.

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    • I would leave her since she obviously doesn't love me

    • But you would have no idea she didn't love you. She probably acts totally different to this guy's face than she does behind his back.

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