I don't want to come off as being desperate.

Nowadays the dating game has changed from what I'm hearing. I'm twenty years old now and just starting to get out much. The last time I had a girlfriend I was thirteen years old, and when we broke up, my ex said that I was considered a desperate person, riding her nuts and all, and I didn't understand. She said that I call and text her too much, and that is why she broke up with me. Now I'm trying to get back out there, but I don't have the basics quite down yet I think, I'm meeting new girls and getting there numbers and all, but for some reason I don't call or text them, I waite for them to that. I don't want the girls to lose interest in me, but I don't want them to feel like I'm riding their nuts. Advice anyone?


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  • Its OK to text them.There's nothing wrong with it. You just need some balence. If you like a girl and she seems like she's interested then ya of course your allowed to text her from time to time. It helps show her that your interested and that you want to talk to her. Just don't do it ALL THE TIME. I personally like when a call is texting & calling me & asking to hang out. The only time it becomes like "riding my nuts" is if a guy is texting me and I don't respond for whatever reason and than he's leaving another Four texts trying to figure out what I'm doing. If I'm not answering the first time or even second time it means I'm probally either really busy, caught up in whatever I'm doing, or the harsh truth that I'm really not in the mood with the person ( least at the moment ). I once had a guy sorta BEG & ask me to give him my number. I didn't know him that well, but he seemed like an OK decent guy so I figured why hey not. I had my phone turned off for w.e ever reason ( I can't rememer) and later I go to check my phone. I had gotten 15 texts and a 3 voice mails. That kinda stuff pisses me off. It wasn't the fact that he was showing interest & trying to get a hold of me it was the fact he should of waited for me to get back to him. He even probally could of gotten away with leaving me just 4, but FIFTEEN ? that would ride anyone nuts lol


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