Guys, is it easy for you to tell when a girl is flirting over text?

If you don't know a girl that well but she texts you fairly often and uses some smiley faces, would you think she likes you? Would you flirt back?


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  • Exclamation points and smiley faces usually make me think she likes me, but its not exactly something I would act upon alone. I've been wrong in thinking this before and I'm sure other guys have to. Girls just use those things to often for guys to think exclusively that its flirting when it does happen.

    Honestly my idea of a girl text flirting, is simply texting me a lot or more than normal. Especially if its about impractical things (asking what your up to tonight, what time to be somewhere, etc.) doesn't count. Basically if she is always texting me just to talk then I know she is probably flirtying.

    • What if she compliments you in text? Says something like: "You're such a sweetie ;) Lol"

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    • Wooow. Thanks :) That makes sense :)

    • Yeah so tell your female friends as well to stop flirting with guys you don't like, cus its only hurting you when you try and get a guy you do like ;)

  • Depends , who usually starts the convo ?

    • The girl usually, but sometimes the guy

    • Oh definitely it would indicate to the guy that the girl is interested . I know tons of cases where even when the girl is interested , she never initiates a convo with a guy .

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