How can you ask a girl to hang out so you can get to know her, but not have it be a date?

I like this girl and I might be seeing some good signs I kind of want to hang out and get to know her but not really have it be a date. Maybe just coffee or something. I don't know if I really want to have it be a date.


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  • You're looking for something casual? That's a good start. She probably doesn't care what it is, she would just be happy to see you.

    Here are some good ideas: Also she can pay for herself, and if she's the independent type like me then she will always want to. If she does pay for herself, then its casual and not a "Date"..

    Have it be something during the day (late afternoon after 3pm) so it's in between lunch and dinner.

    Go somewhere that has coffee/ice cream by the harbor.. or a place where you two can sit and talk and walk around. Then you two can get to know each other casually and maybe have a better understanding of each other.

    Don't say "Hey want to grab coffee" uhg. So typical.. name a street or plaza that has shops/places to eat/and coffe shops for ex: "Hey do you want to meet up "place" at around "time" to hang out and walk around?" then she'll answer "yeah" then you say "cool" .. then when you both arrive "you can say oh there's coffee I want some, what do you want" ..she won't expect you to pay since you asked it so casually.

    Good luck.

    • How can I ak her though. She is really sweet and pretty.

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    • I hope she likes me thoughn I am scared of rejection

    • Ok I will tell you message me how it goes

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  • just ask her if she wants to hang out, or if there is something you have in common like a favorite band suggest checking out a new band or something and gradually start doing things together that you were doing separately before. sorry I hope that makes sense

    • I just don't really know if I want it to be a date though.

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    • yep, you probably won't get as many answers if you were to submit this question but just like this site it depends son the time of day, dinner time is best. But hopefully someone has already asked and has gotten answers, but there will be other sites answering this question too

    • link Try this, this person asked the same question

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