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I think I have a problem of actually having some sort of emotional attachment to women, ok it seems that a lot of girls I date usually say things like you don't seem to want to get serious or we're not connecting anymore. And I am ok whatever I don't care. I've been told the feeling wasn't there and I just said ok that's I'll just find another girl, and well that's what I do.

I can't remember feeling any kind of butterflies or anything when it comes to dating women, I just don't have that and it could be that I kiss lots of girls and when I do I just think it's fun, I don't get me wrong I am looking for a relationship, but I don't feel anything but I am good at acting, and so I come as basically having a black heart and that is becoming a problem.

I really have issues when it comes to trusting a woman not that she will cheat but they're unreliable, they flake, and I can't stand that, also I am very assertive I guess you could say and I like things my way, and it always comes back to me being called an emotionless asshole but I can't help that I'm just not emotional, even if she's sick I don't offer anything I tell her well take medicine and get some rest but that's it. Is that bad I need some advice here ladies.


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  • Maybe if you give women a chance, you'll see that they're not all flaky.


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  • Are you absolutely sure you're not gay? I don't want to make you defensive, but some gay men (or transgendered women..) who went through experiences like this until they came around to understand themselves.

    You might want to see a psychologist about this. I don't think these issues make you an asshole, but it doesn't sound like you're getting what you want.

    • Gay??? HELL NO I have never said damn I wanna have sex with that guy oh just the thought of that makes me wanna throw up. No I have sex with women all the time I just don't get attached to them.

    • Okay, just checking: There's nothing wrong with being gay....

  • well..I think you haven't find the right one yet.I mean someone that really could change you and change your life though.


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