Do you believe in online love?!

Several months ago, I've signed up to Facebook & I was not familiar with it.. There were a list of recommended friends who you can add! I just choose randomly a few of them & one of them was a guy but I didn't noticed that. After seconds, he sent me a message thanking me for adding him! I checked his profile & knew he was a guy (By the way, I usually don't add guys :P kkk) & he put some pictures of him and, surprisingly, he was from the same country as mine (which is something rare)! He was surprised & happy when he knew that! He just kept asking questions to get to know each other more. He knew I'm studying abroad alone without my family in the same country he lives in. So he said that he wanna help me if I'm in a difficult situation, he gave me his number & told me to call him if I need a help & consider him as my brother in this new country & to not be afraid! He was nice, I thanked him but I felt awkward Because this is the first time I talk to a guy online! Then I left the Facebook for about a week because of the exams. When I signed in again, I found that he actually has even counted the days I've been absent in them! & he asked "why didn't you sign in?! Did something bad happened?!" I just told him the reason & he understood it!

Then he told me that he really wanted to ask a question but he hesitated.. I said "go ahead don't hesitate".. He asked: "ARE you IN A RELATIONSHIP OR ENGAGED?!" I replied "No, but why?!" he replied "Just curiosity, but it's strange why is that?! You don't want to?!" I replied: "I don't know! Maybe I didn't find the real one or maybe I don't think or care about it, maybe it's just not its time kkkk"

He asked about my number but I told him that "I'm sorry! Maybe I can trust you but my parents don't allow that especially Because I'm in a new strange country". He understood it & he said that he consider me as his sister and I'm the only girl he's comfortable with on Facebook although he didn't even see my picture!

Finally, when I was about to sign out, he said "please wait... Please take care of yourself, I'm afraid.. I feel something bad will happen to u.. Please don't be absent for a long time again and always contact me here" I said " don't worry I'm in a safe place nothing will happen =)" ... I don't know why he always that worried! Why did he ask if I'm in a relationship with a guy or not, if he just consider me as his sister?!.. He gave hints so I always feel he wants to ask these questions.

Why does he care about it?! Do you think he's interested in me?! Or is it just his personality is kind?! Or was he playing around?!

I don't know what to do Because I haven't dealt with guys before, and I don't know how do they think! So I just left Facebook Because I knew he's been hurt by a girl who he loved before & that left a scar on him!.. And I didn't want to hurt him too .. Because I just considered him as my brother.. & I don't want him to get hurt :( ..

What do you think? Please give me your advice and opinion. Thank you! ^^


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  • I would be very careful. I have done online dating, but on actual online dating sites. For me it has worked. But you have to be careful. Some guys will tell you they care, seem interested in your life and seem to want what is best for you, but they are just leading you on to get what they want. Not necessarily a relationship, but maybe just sex. You have to do what you can to protect yourself too because you don't know this guy personally and have never met him ever, he could be dangerous.

    I made a point when I met people that I met them in a public place. That way if they turn out to be creepy, I won't be stuck trying to get out of their house or whatever.

    It's probably best to take things slow and get to know him. I wouldn't get too close to him and think he has your best interests in mind right away.

    I have had guys add me on Facebook and I can tell they were just on there adding all sorts of girls to date them all.

    Just be careful!

    • Thank you sis!

      Actually, I'm not interested in dating now because I need to concentrate on my studies!

      I didn't sign in to my account in FB again! Although he told me that he wants to help me, but he kept asking personal Qs about my exact location, and if I'm alone or with some family members & he knew that I'm studying away from my family and live alone in our girls' dormitory in the university! I was afraid because no1 here to protect me so I left the FB! I guess this's the right thing to do?!

    • I think what you did was right. It's okay to be on Facebook but I would increase your security levels by changing the settings to not allow just anyone to look at your page. And don't put any personal information on there like where you live or your phone number or address. Facebook is a good tool to keep in touch with friends and family from back home. So only add people you know on Facebook.

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  • I don't even believe in offline love.

    • Haha.. funny! XD

    • But yes maybe you're right! I think there's no real love nowadays! XD

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