Just ask him about it?

He said he'd get my number last week when I'd asked him out and he still hasn't gotten it. When I asked him out it was the first time we'd spoken, but I did it because he always looked at me. Now, a week after he said he'd get my number, he still hasn't, but he looks at me whenever I'm around and doesn't ignore me.

Like, what the hell?

I just want to go and ask him 'Didn't you want my number?'

Would this be a bad thing to do?

If it is, then what should I do?


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  • Yes, it would. That's super annoying. Just write your number on a piece of paper and hand it to him.


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  • this is like the tenth time you have asked this, just give him your number.

  • Don't give him your number. Just ignore him and see what he will do.

    When he looks to you, don't look to him? Treat like he was never around... Be patient and he will come and ask you for a date not for your number :)

    Remember just ignore him.

    • Then he'll automatically assume I'm no longer interested. guys my age are weird

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    • Just ignore him and act like he isn't around any more. By that you will get the chance to get noticed more, like reverse psychology. Human wants the thing more when he feel it will vanish.

      Tell me what you think?

    • i'll try that.

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  • since you are the one who asked him out, shouldn't he be giving you HIS number?