How can I get him to want to date me??

heres the deal...

theres a guy in my history class he's funny, dangerously attractive, muy popular, and kind of shy.

I'm borderline attractive I guess, I've been told I have a good personality, but his friends were the ones that always made fun of me in junior high, and I am in no way popular, and not shy at all.

BUT miraculously he has been flirting with me.

i.e. resting his leg on the small of my back when he sits behind me ( you know in the little gap in the chairs), looking at me in the eyes when we talk and then blushing and looking down, teasing me a little, resting his foot against mine, leaning really close when we talk, and when he tries to get an answer from my movie notes! and also just random little conversations.

BUT he doesn't talk to me outside of class and he never responded when I commented his can I get him to notice me as more than someone to flirt with in class and maybe ask me out?

btw...his friends aren't mean to me anymore, they seem to be talking to me more often actually (and pretty respectfully!)


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  • why don't you just ask him out? btw do girls ever think of being the one to ask out? but it is a little strange that he wants to flirt with you only in the class. if I were interested in a girl and she wrote on my personal homepage, no freaking way I would ignore it.

    • Nope we don't because then we feel like we would be encroachin on a guy's duties as a male.

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  • You need to let him know you want to see him outside of class. Ask him out for coffee or something casual.


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  • First of all, stop thinking about yourself as "borderline attractive I guess." Find something you like about your features and think about it, and then add to the list.

    Second, don't put a ton of faith in myspace.

    I don't think you should go rushing in to asking him out on a date, but you should try and come up with other things to do with him outside of school- maybe have a small party (6-8 ppl) at your house and invite him. Do he and his friends hang out anywhere? If so, you need to be there, too.

    It's good that his friends talk to you- talk back to them! If you become a little more part of his circle, he'll feel more comfortable going out with you. He may be afraid to date you because of what they might say, but if you're cool with them, he won't have that problem.

    To play devil's advocate- it's possible he just wants a smart friend to copy notes from. If this is the case, you need to decide if you're okay with just being friends.

    Good luck!

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