Guys, would you want a call? Girls, would you try again?

Ladies, if you were really great friends with a guy (for 20+) years until one day he just stopped talking to you after you told him you wouldn't go out on a "date" with him because he was married...would you initiate contact with him? He told me he didn't mean a romantic date, just going out as friends. I apologized for the misunderstanding, but since communication for 6+ months now.

Guys, if you were him, would you want your "friend" to reach out to you again in an attempt to mend a broken friendship because you may be nursing your wounds over a bruised ego or just may be too embarrassed or have hurt feelings? Or would you advise me to steer clear of you because you probably only wanted to hook-up...even after 20+ years of being platonic friends?


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  • I'd reach out once or twice, but if he doesn't follow up, then it's over, and you should then just move on with your life.

    • Thank you. What does your gut tell you? Did I read his initial "date" comment incorrectly or was he really hoping for a hook-up?

    • I don't know nearly enough to give a real opinion on that. You've known him for so long, I have to trust your judgement.

    • My heart's telling me he would never disrespect me so much to view me as just a hook-up. My head's telling me to wake up and pull my head out of my a**. I guess my judgement's a bit skewed at this point. That's why I was hoping for a man's honest point of view on the matter. But thanks anyway.

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  • I would say a friendly hello keep it short and non flirty and if he replies then good ... but if not he wanted more than a platonic date