Boring Convos Lead to No Texting

Is it just me, or do you girls out there wait by the phone hoping the guy you’re texting will text you back a minute later, then when he doesn’t (or it’s someone else and not him), you get that “heart sinking” feeling?

I’ve noticed this guy I’ve been talking to recently hasn’t responded to my texts in the middle of a conversation. Usually we have nothing to talk about. This is how our conversation goes most of the time:



What’s up?

On the computer hbu

Laying in bed texting u


Yea :)

Yeah :)

Then after about a million yeah’s, he may say something like “*sits next to u*” or “you make me so happy” or “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow”. Anything that we say always ends with the dreaded “YEAH’s”. It gets annoying, but usually he responds with something!

Recently, meaning this week, he’s just doesn’t respond. He’s said lately that he’s been playing a fun video game a lot. I’ve heard that with teenage guys video games are more “important” than girls. Could that be the reason for not texting back?

I’m just saying, if a guy likes a girl (and supposedly this guy likes me) wouldn’t he want to text her no matter a boring conversation or not?

And also, what can I say to keep the conversation going? Anything interesting come to mind?


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  • I have the same problem 'cept the roles are kind of reversed. I like talking to him, but it's boring, so I really don't text him. I don't really have anything going on in my life so when he asks about my day there's nothing to say... ometimes he'll just type " *poke* :3" instead of talking. X.x

    So I just start asking random questions.

    • I don't think either of us have anything going on, so that's why we don't really text (even though we used to like a few days ago). And yes, the guy I talk to does stuff like *sits next to u* or *puts my arm around u* and that stuff, then it usually ends with "yeah's" like every conversation. What kinds of questions do you ask to keep the convo going?

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    • I know. I texted him back and now he's sending instant responses. He said he's watching TV so I'm trying to start a convo by asking him about the TV show.

  • Yeah, usually when there's not much to text about, it gets boring.

    Try going to places and have fun, then when you text with someone, tell them about your day to keep the conversation going, he might like what you did and ask you to do it together next time.

    • We go to the same school and are in a class together, so we talk about that sometimes, but then it just gets boring and we don't know what to say. I feel like he doesn't want to text me because of that reason and I'm scared to text him because of that reason.

      But I'm just thinking, if he really did like me, wouldn't he want to text me, boring convo or not? Or is he too busy doing something more important, like texting other girls or playing video games?

    • Yeah if he does like you, you should text you more. Next time let him text you, so it won't be just you.

    • Usually he texts me after school, like once we get on our bus. Then if he doesn't, I get this heart-sinking feeling and feel compelled to text him. If I let him wait and he doesn't text me any later tonight, do I text him or should I just let it go for the rest of the night? He'll probably text me tomorrow, but with him, who knows.

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