Would it be OK to text him again?

COMPLICATED WARNING . OK so an old child hood friend of mine had not seen or talked to me in a few years cause we both moved away. Well he came back over cause he was on break from school and visited me . We got to talking and went to a few pastries together.We got to texting and got really flirty again. He admitted that he had a crush on me since we were little but was afraid that I wouldn't like him and it would mess up our friendship. I was on a break from my man cause things got sticky so I was drunk and hooked up with him . All me , I was the one who took things to the next level , I mean yea he was VERY touchy feely but I initiated things to go all the way. I guess I surprised him cause he kept on saying how he wasn't prepared and didn't think that we would go that far. He talked about us dating but I dismissed it saying I would get back with my boyfriend which I did a month or so later. But now things are sticky again and were on a break, We have been Facebook messaging and I was wondering if it would be weird to text him again? Cause he takes WAY to long to message me back on FB than he dose on texting.


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  • I'm sorry but, I thought when you have a fight with your boyfriend, you're supposed to work things out, not cheat?. I don't understand such behavior

    • were on a break. BREAK, it means I can have fun. He's way older than me so he wants me to see if I can move on with someone more my age. SO I'm going to show him I can't and win him back .

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    • well then that's your problem

    • I answered your question, if you don't like it, deal with it

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  • Yeah, sure. It's OK to text him again through text messages or Facebook messages. He is a friend of yours before being a crush of yours and thus you should keep contact. Even if you aren't going to date, this doesn't mean you shouldn't talk, have fun and enjoy each other company. :)

    Text him as much as you want. Don't calculate too much and put pressure on yourself. If he backed off, then it's his loss. Hope this helps. :)

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