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So this Guy I've had a crush on texts me every once in a while, I want to keep him a crush cos he's a player, but I want to be come Good friends with him at the same time I want him to like me :p Well he's drunk and he text-ed me the 1st message was "Lol lets do it." then #2 "sorry I'm waste..." afterwords #3 "Sorry about that text" then again... #5 "I want you" #6 "never mind" then #7 "I'm drunk ignore the text" and finally the last text message #8 " Cheryl, let me get it" ... I don't know how to respond I'm not fuming about it, but I'm not flattered either.: so what do I write back... if at all? o.o


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  • make it clear that if he is going to text you he needs to make sure he is sober, because for any guy to text a girl when drunk is is disrespectful its alarming that they put up with it, so don't accept a drunken text especially if he is hitting on you, because you will be the one who feels stupid, he will just excuse it with, " I was drunk, sorry", x

    • Thank you <3 He just text me a couple of more times, saying "Cheryl do you want me?" blaaa I just answered with you're answer in mind.. saying "No, what I do want is for you to text me when you're sober, This is disrespectful."so I did it thank you ! again[:

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    • thank you <3

    • your welcome,x

  • He sounds great, no wonder you fell for him. Women and they're irrational behavior never seizes to amaze me.

    • I didn't fall for him o.O at all, I barely know the guy, That is why I clearly stated he was a crush. Oh and I do believe that the term is "never *seize* to amaze me." thanks I'll take your comment under consideration.