Do you girls in general have a secret concerning flirting/dating/relationship?

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Do girls in general have a secret concerning flirting/ dating/ relationship you don't want guys to know? You don't have to say specifically what secret it is or in what specific field of guys-girls- relationship. You don't even have to explain anything. Just state.


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  • well here's my little secret though I sometimes failed at doing it:

    first treating the guy as just a friend, nothing more nothing less.

    because going after a guy chases him away and acting uninterested at all usually makes the guy realize that he doesn't have a chance so acting in-between is the best way. and guys want a girl they can laugh with, have good conversations with, possibly watch TV & listen to music with, etc anyways. but of course after the guy shows more interest then I act more interested in him [hopefully not too much] and we become more physical [and hopefully not too physical.]


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  • Yes...

    If a guy knew my "secrets" then he'd be able to get me to fall for him quicker than anything.

    I prefer not to share these "secrets" with just any random person; if a guy figures me out on that level, then he's earned it.

  • Of course we

    do! and mine is the

    "act hard 2 get" secret,

    I follow this pretty strictly,

    I may be dying inside for a guy

    right, but I won't show it, but yes I

    will dress nicer, look all dolled up

    when I know I'm going to see him,

    charm my way thru him, so he will

    notice me a bit more, and it always works:)


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  • theres probably no "common secret" between all girls, you just have to take what given to ya, by the different ones, and apply it to your own girl interest