Nervousness over hanging out for the first time...

It's not really a date per say. I think there is interest there, but we're going to hang out as friends. I just got out of a relationship, I've known this guy since high school and had a crush on him then, but we never really knew each other or talked. Now 6/7 years later, he messages me out of the blue and we have a great connection. We think so similarly and I'd love to get to know him as a person better.

The thing is, because he's so much like me and kind of very confident, I'm so nervous about hanging out with him for the first time. I'm very confident too normally, and when people get to know me they think my personality is great, but I feel like there is so much riding on this first get together. He seems so intrigued by me through text and messaging, saying how he never encounters girls like me, etc etc and I really am that same person in real life, but I'm terrified that because I'm nervous I will come across differently. He's just said something that's made me think he's really hoping I'm not different in person.

What do I do to calm the nerves? We'll be hanging out at his house mostly, but he mentioned stopping by a guy's house on the way there that we both went to high school with. I didn't really know him either so that's extra pressure.


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  • have a glass of wine before you go ;) lol

    • Hahaha I'm already doing that! good call