I don't want it to happen again. Help please!

There is this guy who I have been talking to since September. We both really liked each other from the beginning and things were going really good until some things happened that were admittedly my fault. We kinda just stopped talking and drifted apart and I hated it. We got past all of that though and we started talking on a regular basis and hanging out again at the beginning of last month. Well everything was okay again but I feel like here lately things are starting to worry me. 2 weeks ago things were perfect. We hung out just like any normal time and I mean we did some stuff that we had never done before and things were still just as fine between us so I know that that didn't really have an negative effect on anything. That following week (last week) he was pretty much gone for the whole week on a trip and I was gone all of last weekend at a friends house. We didn't talk at all the whole time either of us was gone which sucked but we were both just busy. I did see him last Sunday for a little bit because he had to give me something and we talked for a while and it was nice. The last time I actually saw him was on Tuesday and it was when I was walking to class and we just waved at each other. I didn't talk to him at all this week until I texted him Thursday night and was just like "hey, I haven't talked to you in a while" and he was just like "yeah I know I've been really busy" and then I was like "well if you have nothing else to do tomorrow night you could always come hang out with me" and I really think he wanted to but I texted him last night and he said that he was at a friends house and I felt like I was being annoying when I texted him so I texted him today and said sorry. He said I wasn't being annoying but then I just told him that my week sucked and I just didn't really want to be alone and he just kept saying he was sorry and he felt bad.

I really want to hang out with him because I haven't seen him in so long and I like being around him but I feel like if he wanted to hang out with me then he would've been like well we can hang out tomorrow night but he didn't...

I just don't know what to do. I don't want us to drift apart again but I don't want to sound clingy because we aren't dating or anything but I know he is extremely busy with school.

I don't know what I should say to not let it happen again.

Help please?!?!


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  • You sound clingy.

    • I'm really not though... it is just a matter of me thinking that history is going to repeat itself and I don't want it to happen. If I was clingy then I would have constantly been trying to get ahold of him trying to get him to talk to me and I clearly haven't been. It's normal to not talk to someone for over a week that you would talk to everyday and miss them...

  • Maybe you should be like "Hey so I had this Idea that we should Hangout this weekend"

    • I actually really like that idea. I feel like I might bring that to his attention over spring break when he isn't so busy and we can plan to hangout when we get back to school.

      Thanks! :)

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