How do you know if you're a good kisser or a forgettable kisser?

The difference between a good and bad kisser is obvious; a bad kisser will have like no technique and will slobber all over and stuff. But what about a mediocre kisser, who doesn't do anything wrong, but the kiss is kinda eh vs a good kisser who knocks you off your feet. how do you know which one you are? any tips to improve?


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  • when you kiss, you need to treat it as your last taste of perfection, endure it, express your appreciation with your tongue, take control by getting them to explore your mouth, and often returning the act frequently, don't over do the tongue action, suck on theirs frequently as to much tongue moving can be tireing which will cause the kissing to stop, so if you need a break, suck on their tongue untill your ready for anover wave of expressant tongue fondling, try and think of kissing as the key to unlocking sex, the hotter you get, the better the sex, enjoy a kiss, and approve of your partners technique, as they will return the appreciation in yours, good luck,x


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