Friend sets you up with very dorky guy?

I realize that it is what is on the inside that counts.

Recently. my best friend tried to set me up with a guy she knows. Now, I never said I was looking for anyone or that I was interested in being set up. She pushes him on me and he is like one of the dorkiest guys of all time. She didn't try to date him- she always goes for "hot" guys.

Girls, do you think this is a subtle diss? If you had a best friend who people considered pretty would you try to set her up with such a dorky guy?


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  • Your friend played the sh*t out of you. it was a not-so subtle diss. Girls know when they are doing that, that was mean to you and that guy she used as a pawn

    • Why would she do that? She kept telling me he was such a nice guy.

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