Really important party hookup question.

Ok, say you had a good time with a cute girl at a party, where guy guys stayed with each other most the party-talking, dancing, kissing, whatever.

then she says its alright for you to spend the night in her dorm (his friends already left) but while your going to her room she blacks out and you both end up in sleeping in a study room having semi-conscious sex and then... her vomiting.

then in the morning, she's hungover, vomits, then walks you out- where you say your going to get a cab.

would you want her to text you to apologize? or just never hear from her again? its just I usually don't do stuff like that, I feel really bad that it ended so badly.


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  • LOL what do you expect to happen? you sleep with a dude the first night you meet, have a horrible goodbye and ... where do you see this going?

    I would probably just shrug, add another notch to the count and go on my way if I was this guy

    • I don't expect anything of it lol I just feel really bad about how it turned out.

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  • Just one more number for the guy. But ye, you can call him to apologize. I am sure he wouldn't care about nailing you again after you apologize and moving on.

    • bahaha zinnng

    • i don't really care if he felt like nailing me again or not lol... I just feel like an apology is needed. what do you think I should say. like Hi. I just want to apologize for "given night" and that I was so sh*t-faced and that you lost your shirt and everything else. Yeah, just kind of felt an apology was needed. that's it.

      does that sound completely lame.

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  • oh I would apologize... and then not expect anything to happen, or anything in return.

    • what would you say in the apology. I no idea where to start. :\