First time hanging out, have no idea how it went?

This guy and I hung out for the first time since we began texting a couple weeks ago. We went to high school together and hadn't seen each other since, we weren't really friends in high school either. Anyway, he initiated a Facebook message to me and through texting we had a pretty awesome connection, a lot of common interests, both very talkative etc. He'd mention a lot that he was shocked he met someone like me, but also mentioned at one point he was scared it would be different in person. We finally hung out last night, and it wasn't set up as a date or anything, just as a friends but it feels like there is tension for something more.

Anyway, when we hung out, we still talked a lot, but it felt a little strained. I was doing my best to relax and be normal, and he was still talking a lot sometimes, other times really quiet, but not making moves that he was into me? Because of this, I wondered if he decided he didn't really like me in person as much as he did over texting. I know we were hanging out as friends but I don't know, I'm just confused. He picked me up, we stayed up most of the night talking, he found out I'd only been with one guy and I found out he's been pretty good with the ladies in the past. I stayed the night there, he didn't try anything, not even cuddling, but we'd touch in the middle of the night and he wouldn't pull away. The next morning we slept in, got up and played some video games, hung out for a while, and then I mentioned I had to get back and study so he drove me back.

I guess I'm confused just because I felt he was more reserved in person than he was through texting. Didn't seem as intrigued by me as he had before, although he was still asking questions. He opened up and told me a ton of personal stuff about himself, and kind of seemed to try and be "cool". Left his shirt off for an unnecessary amount of time getting out of the shower.

I just don't know! He's been so successful with girls in the past that I'm a little shocked he didn't even try to cuddle with me in bed or try anything. I can't tell if the way he was acting was nervousness or disinterested? Maybe in person he didn't like me as much and was just ready for it to be over. Any advice?


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  • He was being a gentleman. He respects you enough to try anything on the first date. Based on the time you spent together it seems like he's into you but he was nervous and reserved , just like you were.

    • I'd normally agree with you, but he wasn't trying to touch me much at all or show a lot of interest. Yet we talked a ton and he never tried to speed it up to take me home or anything. I'm just confused.