Asking a guy to Prom?

I just met this guy and we really hit it off. We text everyday and both really like each other so I want to invite him to my Prom. He goes to a different school and all of the guys at my school end up asking underclassman. So, we've only hung out once and I can't hang out again until a week before Prom, is that enough time if I invite him then? I know it's not a lot of time knowing each other but I have limited time and he told me he likes me. So, opinions?

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  • I don't see why not. Can't hurt to ask if he'd be interested in going along with you, which I'm sure he will if he likes you.

    • any suggestions on how to ask? it might have to be over text :/

    • If you're going to do it over text I recommend doing it when he wouldn't expect it, if you could plan that. Like if you guys mostly text at a certain time (at night or whatever), shoot him a random text some other time during the day.

      Otherwise I'd just call him. I'm personally not a big fan of using texting to do stuff like this so my advice probably isn't that helpful, lol

  • Im having the same issue.

    Hope you get some answers.