Kiss on a forehead? Does it have a meaning?

My friend kissed me on a forehead on a school bus, while we were surrounded by people (if that tells you anything).. I normally wouldn't pay attention as I know he likes to joke around and we're just friends. But then he did it again. Not on the forehead but on the head like on the side top where the hair is. And now I really want to know what both of those gestures could mean.


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  • I think its obvious he cares for you in some way. I certainly don't go around kissing my male friends like that. Under what circumstances did he do it? did he say anything before he did it?

    • Very random. On a school bus. I wasn't sad or in any way not comfortable for him to make it an "it will be okay" gesture. That's why I find it especially weird.

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  • he might be slightly into you or he might see you as a sister and feel protective towards you.

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