How do you pace your dating?

So I've never really dated much so I'm not sure about how to naturally pace dating someone without rushing into things. I've got a girl that seems pretty into me but I don't want to rush into anything serious because. We've only been on 2 solo dates and 2 group outings. We've spent the night with each other twice. The first night was just the first night we decided we were attracted to each other and just happened. Then this past weekend I stayed at her place.

I guess I'm worried about getting to far into something that I'm unsure of on my end. I don't want to lead anyone on. Right now its something that I am interested in seeing how it goes, but if something happens in the future that turns me off I don't want to already be so deep into things that this girl ends up resenting me.

Part of the issue is that we know each other, and will be around each other guaranteed in the coming months so I'm a little worried that things could be awkward if it doesn't work out, or at least doesn't end well.

Also, what is the acceptable norm for dating multiple people?

I'm not involved with anyone else right now, but don't want to shut the door on any options. I'm just not that experienced with dating, and I am also a very guilty person when it comes to things like that. My friends tell me not to worry about it since I'm not anywhere near a committed relationship so seeing other people is nothing to feel guilty about.


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  • Easiest solution, follow her lead. If you are unsure of if you are going too fast/slow be watchful of signs form her. Girls use body language to show a lot of how they feel but don't always say it.

    if you are worried about seeing/not seeing other people make it clear from the beginning that you don't want to be exclusive with her until things do get serious. Be prepared that by saying that this girl may not ever want to allow things to get serious with you since you want an open relationship.


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