Any first kiss tips?

So I met this guy at camp but we didn't start dating until the last few days but decided to continue with long distance(only about two hours by car away from each other but neither of us has a car so yeah..) I haven't seen him since camp but we text and Skype everyday. He knows that I haven't had my first kiss yet and he when he was telling me that he had a chance to come visit me and he wanted us to have lunch together and then he could be my first kiss. So I'm super excited! But I also don't want the kiss to be a fail so any tips guys?


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  • Just put your lips together and just go slow when you kiss him. If your using your lips your just basically kissing his lips unless if you decide to use your tongue with it then just let him lead and you should be fine. I don't think it will be a fail. Just don't be nervous and go with the flow of the motion.


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  • Cherish and remember it.. check out my question link


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