Boyfriend is texting another girl!

My boyfriend of about 2 years and I broke up for a few of months. In between we both had talked to other people, but said when we got back together that we wouldn't talk to them. I found out that he still texts her sometimes. However, when he does it's only things like hey how have you been, and that's about all it says. He doesn't ask to hang out or anything of that sort. I doubt he's told her we got back together though. Should I confront him about this or just leave it alone? Should I break up with him over it since he kind of lied to me?


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  • just tell him it bothers you and that you really would like it if he told her you guys were dating and for her to stop texting him so much.

    If you have met her and talked to her and know that she is only a friend maybe you would be less disapproving maybe?

    I know that a guy use to like me a lot but I didn't like him that much and stayed friends with him and I talk to him all the time on Facebook and such but I let my husband know about him and my husband and him are OK with each other and such. My husband even says that he is a nice guy. The point I'm trying to make here is that maybe it's OK to have friends of the opposite gender. My guy goes running with as single more successful women every morning and I don't think much of it because I know he loves me...

    good luck


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  • Well I don't want to upset you...but it might be because he is unsure that you and him are going to work. I think the best thing for you to do is to calmly and nicely ask him about it. What he is doing is wrong, but you won't get anywhere yelling or crying. Unfortunately we have to retain our emotions. Maybe if calmly ask why he riding it...and bring up if he thought you weren't going to work out. Also explain to him that you haven't been talking to the 'guy' so it hurts your feelings that he is still talking to her. State that you think you and him will work out, but you both need to have trust in order for it to work out. And not one going behind the others back either. I'm sure it hurts...I know how it feels. But all you can do is ask him..and then trust him. He needs to stop talking to her of course...but he also needs to give you reassurance. Good luck. Xoxo

  • if he doesn't say anything serious to her then its OK, you don't want to be overprotective

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