How can I stop being so fussy?

my exs all treated me bad and it has knocked my confidence a lot so I wrote a list of what I look for in a guy and it is long,i met a guy on MySpace who was exactly my type and we got on well for months but I would not meet him as I thought he was too good and I have pushed guys away before him because I thought the same,but now I am willing to meet a guy who I only see as a friend and I'm not into him in the slightest and I still like the guy I would not meet and I pushed away...why am I so fussy and then when I meet one who is my type I push him away on purpose and get with the losers? how do I stop doing this?

p.s I am a girl


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  • why don't you make a new account and have your user profile be a girl?

    I thought you were a guy.

    but anyways you really just need to trust the guy and become closer to not push him away so much


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