Was he trying to see if I was still mad?

I got really pissed off at this guy because I found out he'd been intentionally leading me on for months while he was thinking about getting back together with an old girlfriend.

He knew I was still mad when I left and I didn't hear from him anymore that day.

Neither of us are big on texting, but he texted me the next day kind of joking around and being really nice to me. It was so hard for me to go along with it because I was still angry with him, but I tried my best.

Was he trying to see if I was still mad or was he maybe feeling guilty about what he did?


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  • yes, he probably sent a joking text so he could like "test the waters" you know? like depending on how you responded, or whether you responded at all, he could kind of gauge if you were still mad.

    • Thanks for answering. If he was trying to see if I was mad, do you think that means he feels bad about what he did?

    • no problem. and honestly speaking, not necessarily. some guys don't really feel bad about their actual actions, they just don't want the girl to be mad at them. but then again, he could be one of the good ones who DOES care and DOES feel bad. but no offense, he doesn't sound like the best type of guy in the first place if he led you on for so long

    • yeah, I think you're right. I think he just doesn't want me to be mad since we see have each other all the time.

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