Being bold for prom and text-invite?

So I want to ask this guy to Prom, we've hung out once but always talk. He goes to a different school so I want to take him to my Prom. He seems into me so I think he'll say yes. How should I ask him? We live far away from each other so in person isn't really an option. Should I send text clues or little pictures that are asking in a cute way? Or ask him over the phone? Or just text him casually? Thanks!

  • Text him with a cute way (ideas?)
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  • Phone call straight up asking
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  • Text straight up asking
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  • Don't ask him to Prom (explain)
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  • Be direct. No 'clues;' Guys (probably) don't understand them.

    It would be more personal as a phone call. Texting is a second choice.

    • Do you think it's a problem that we've only hung out once?

    • That depends on you, but no. :-)

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