Not sure how to get back in contact with this girl?

so a bit of background info. Met this girl last Sep, OK date nothing happened. Kept in contact through Facebook and texts. The texts turned rude and had planned to meet up again. Things didn't work out and stopped talking in November. In January she bbm me out the blue starting texting again and then finally met again and I stayed the night and we had fun. That was like 2nd weekend in January.

My question is we both find each other attractive and both are very clear on the rules of being fwb. So what would she think of be messaging her after 2 months of nothing? See she broke the ice the last time and I didn't mind hearing from her. Is it worth getting back in contact?


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  • Well it sounds like your "relationship" is--sleep together, then don't talk for a few months, repeat. . .

    if you've still got a good number, just text her saying"hi"-"what's going on?"-"how are things?" either you'll get back in touch with her or you'll just not talk to her for a months more . . . . Nothing gained, nothing lost


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