I met this woman on the train; how long before I call her?

So right after a trip, I met this woman who is older than me (maybe even 10 years older). I saw her and noticed she kept looking back at me. After a while of this, I got up and went over to her and started talking to her. Her eyes were big but she didn't really ask me any questions. I asked where she was going and when she said her stop, I said I was meeting people there (okay a lie but I had no other reason to justify continually talking to her to get her number). I stayed on another 20 minutes. When we got to the stop, I asked for her number and she gave it to me. I'm pretty positive she's single since she just moved and was looking to move again.

the thing is she lives 20-25 minutes across the bridge so if I go over I will be clearly going to visit her. No problem to me. So how should I approach this? Should I call her after a while and ask her out? Just call and chat for a bit? We talked about this one place in her area that she didn't know about.. I was thinking about inviting her out there (like a pizza place). That way she doesn't have to travel far and all.. We both work and I'm not off work until 6 or so... so not sure if that's enough time during the week? Or if we should spend more time?


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  • If you like her, you should call her. Its possible she may be a little hesitant because of your age difference. She may be wondering how you feel about her age. I have a major crush on a guy who is 25 and I'm 37. I am friends with him, but I don't ask him out because I'm not sure how he would feel about the age difference. Once she knows you're cool with the age thing, you never know what can happen... You should call as soon as possible. Don't wait.

    • Shouldn't I wait just a little bit? What about my idea above for going out? Or should I just call to chat?

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