What to text a girl I have not seen in a while?

There was a girl I liked last semester and who at some point liked me too , I had asked her out but she ultimately declined. I felt she didn't like me so I stopped texting her and never saw her out of class. I really liked talking with her but I let it go.

Few weeks ago I saw her on campus and we said I and texted her later , I want to try and get closer again but I'm not sure what to text her randomly, I keep feeling if I text her I will just be bothering her. What would be a good thing to text her? just "hey how are you"? type thing or should I be more bold?


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  • I'd just be like: "hey how's it going? I haven't seen you in forever, we need to hang out sometime soon :)" you will totally make her day. and you're not being terribly bold by asking her out but you're letting her know that you're interested

    • I don't know about saying you need to hang out. I get those messages, and I get annoyed. We all say we need to hang out, but it's always just a platitude. No one means it. I would just stick with the "How are you doing? What's new?" and take it from there. Then maybe after a little conversation, ask her to lunch or something.

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    • well I did that ...and she didn't know it was me so she must have deleted my number or something...We texted a bit but she was busy doing something and I kinda interrupted I think. don't know if I should try texting her again later or in a few days to ask if she got it all done. or just forget the whole thing :/ . Thank you for the advice though!

    • Dang that sucks! I'd wait a couple of weeks before I'd text her again that way you don't sound obsessed. And who knows maybe she got a new phone and her numbers got lost :)

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