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So me and this girl have been dating for about 3 months and I really like her, she is normally really into me, however, lately she seems to be rather distant and lately meaning about a week, now is this due to just the whole once a month thing or is it like she is actually mad, because I asked her and she said nothing was wrong...i think I did the right thing...obviously I didn't say what the hells wrong with you, but what's going on?

thanks for any comments


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  • It could be a hormonal thing, but maybe its not. She may be making an effort to not seem too clingy or desperate because she doesn't want to drive you away. Maybe you guys are just growing apart and she's just losing interest. Wait until next week and if she's still acting distant just ask her about it. Just ask her if she's ok and if there is anything wrong. Tell her that youve noticed that she's been kind of distant lately and you want to know what's up. Maybe something happened like a family problem or friend issues. Communication is key because people are not mind readers and you will not know for sure unless you ask her.

    • Ya I mean I already asked her and she said everything was good but that could mean nothing...but thanks a lot and I appreciate the advice

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  • currently, my best friend is doing this exact thing to her boyfriend.

    she's breaking up with him tomorrow.

    so, it could be that.

    or she's just stressed out right now.


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