What happened.....why won't she ever answer?

we went on a date and that night at the end we made out like for 5 min, it was the second date, she seemed happy with it she was the one who actually went for the kiss after I gave her several cues, then later that night I dropped her off and said hey tonight was fun we should do this again sometime, and she said maybe, I'm sure she did because I think if I can remember then, I didn't text her for about a 5 days because I wanted to give her space. and I thought she would give me a text for sure within that period. and then 5 days later when I did I asked if there are any new years parties, she didn't answer, then I thought oh shit this isn't good, I guess she needs more space then about two weeks later I said, hey how are you, no answer, so what happened what was she thinking, why, why?


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  • Maybe she's playing the waiting game. Or maybe she was trying to play the waiting game and when you didn't text her she got all huffy and is trying to "get back" at you. It's very immature. Another possibility is that she maybe reconsidered her feelings for you and doesn't want to go out again. Maybe she lost her phone? Do you have any other way to contact her? Try calling her or sending her an email. If you don't have any luck then give up and move on. Honestly, if a guy didn't contact me within 5 days after a date I would think he didn't really have such a good time. I know it's just as much the girl's responsibility to contact the guy but it doesn't always work that way.


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  • You didn't text her for 5 DAYS after the date?

    I would forget about a guy like that.

    I'd think he plays games.

    If you still want her to go out with you, you're gonna have to work to get her attention, otherwise move on.

    Wow, 5 freaking days later...


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