Dating a guy that has a baby on the way?

So I've been talking to this guy for 3 weeks and two days before we go on our first date he finds out he "may" have a baby on the way. (may not be his and she's 5 months so there's a 4 month wait)

I've dated guys with kids before but this is an entire different situation that I'm not sure I want to put myself into but I also like him.

Should I continue to date him and see hoe it goes?

Break it off?


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  • I would not. I mean if you wanna date him OK but I would not take him seriously. why? the likelihood of him having baby mama is very high. the likelihood of him still messing around with her now and after the pregnancy is high. it makes a guy seem on the promiscuous and reckless side to have a baby on the way especially in a situation like that. I kinda view guys like that the same way guys view single mothers/pregnant women. I also feel that @ this time in his life he probably should spend more time worrying about his possible child then wining and dining new women. what's gonna happen when the baby comes? proceed with extreme caution

    • I don't think not taking him seriously is a good approach. I'm not a judgmental person and being as though SHE never told him about the child until now it seems a immature to basically judge someone based off something you weren't around to witness. But I am not diving all in either way.

    • but just because she found out later does not mean it is not true. some woman can report to spotting even though they are three months pregnant. and also it seems as if she was not ready. she could be going through stages of denial and acceptance, and dwelling on how to break the news.

  • did he talk to you first or vise versa?

    • He told me when he found out. No secret.