Should I just keep chasing pavements?

I told a girl how I felt 4yr's ago, she couldn't date me Because she dated someone I know,I left it alone.

Haven't seen her in yr's, but she tell a mutual friend to give me her #. I told her again this yr., she tells me she do like me, I'm a great guy, but can't invest in a relationship Because she will move to pursue her career (she's a ballet dancer).

Why reach out knowing how I felt to just tell me she can't?


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  • What she's doing to you isn't fair and neither is what you are doing to yourself. You have to make a decision.

    This is going to suck but it's for the best...

    Let her go. 4 years is way too long.

    • I try so hard but I hate that these feelings come up just @the thought of her.