What can a girl do to get you to be more sure of her?

OK so my BFF bumped into her ex boyfriend the other day. They really liked each other but they broke up because of bad timing for both of them. A lot of drama in their personal lives and they seemed pretty mature about it. They hadn't talked in a while and when they bumped into each other (I was there when it happened), I could tell they both still had feelings for each other. She was polite but a little distant with him as she misses him and while she's ready now she doesn't know if he is. She wonders what she should have said or done to make it clear she was into him or if she did enough to make him want to call her again on his own. So guys what can a girl do, if you still have some sort of feelings for her but not sure about timing, commitment, etc...what can she do to make you WANT to do those things (again, we are assuming that he does have feelings for her still). What should a girl avoid doing in order not to drive you in the other direction? My past history with guys makes me not the best advice-giver lol, but I said I'd post here for her...


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  • You should tell your "friend" to tell the guy to call her sometimes. It's an equivalent to giving a guy your number except there's an assumption that the guy still has your number. But giving that okay to call her puts the ball in his court.


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