I think I made the wrong choice?

Long story short, I had feelings for a friend of mine. I told her how I felt, and she gave me the "just friends, sweet guy" speech. 3 months after, I was still going to ask her to prom. She gave me a yes, but it wasn't a very enthusiastic one. A few weeks later, people were talking about what she had told them about us. She said she didn't want me to gt the wrong idea about us going together. I was a little hurt, so I thought she only said yes because she was just being nice. I told her that we shouldn't go together, so I don't take it the wrong way. Now, she doesn't text anymore, and she snaps very often at things I do...Could someone clarify on what I should do?


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  • I'm sure that her intentions were good, but she was wrong in the first place. Find someone else to take... I bet there are lots of pretty, sweet girls that would love to go with you! And you'll have more fun if you go with someone that has mutual feelings.

    • Thanks for your answer

      Come to find out she didn't really want to go with me...

      I'll get over it, though.

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