Why can't I get a girl?

im 21 years old

MP (military police) in the national guard

college student-- 3.1 GPA

in excellent physical shape

pursuing a career in law enforcement

good hygeine, I always smell nice

I am a bit quiet/reserved but friendly and personable

I have a lot of buddies, but few close friends

The last girl, well really the only girl I ever "dated" which lasted about a month, left me for a guy whom she had already fallen in love with before we ever even met. She was definitely attracted to me though; always wanting to kiss and makeout, holding my hand, grabbing/pinching my butt, and wanting to cuddle with me. I've been lead on by a lot of girls but nothing ever seems to come it, I have a lot of trouble understanding women..? I'm venting more than anything, but if anyone has any advice I'm all ears! thanks.


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  • wow, you'll never believe this but I am in the exact same situation. sophomore in college 19, biochemistry maj/pre-med, 3.9 GPA, volunteer firefighter/ EMT, freaking love going to the gym ( 5'4, long brown hair, green eyes, 36 C) I'm kinda reserved but friendly, people really like me and I have a great sense of humor.

    i've only dated one guy, ( def. attracted to me) and he ended up cheated on me. Since then I've been " lead on" by 14+ guys and nothing has come out of it, never get that girlfriend request. I'm super clean, and I'm a virgin, don't do anything sexual with these guys unless they commit . I'm not bitchy, and I'm more of a tomboy in heels if anything. so...i feel your frustration! its almost starting to take a toll on my self confidence.

    Now, if you could help me understand guys that would be great! but il do my best to help you understand our side if you have any specific questions/ trying to understand what happened in a certain situation! but...considering were in the same boat, I don't know if any of my general advice in regards to this problem would be helpful...or I would have helped myself!


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  • Why can't I get a girl? "I am a bit quiet/reserved" "I have a lot of trouble understanding women"

    Most girls want a guy who is interesting and fun to be around and quiet/reserved guys don't tend to be that guy or show that they can be that guy. Also doesn't tend to help to not understand what you want to get.

    Perhaps this is a factor: "MP (military police) in the national guard"

    I know of few girls who would date not flake a guy who was in that line of work as being attached or taking him seriously could possibly be a huge disservice.

    "I've been lead on by a lot of girls but nothing ever seems to come it"

    If by lead on you mean similar scenarios as the girl you "dated" it's possible your f*ck material not date/bf/husband material.

  • Hey now law enforcement guys are HOT Just sayin lol

  • Don't fret, you jsut haven't met the right women. Girls are selfish/shallow and insecure they base their self worth on how much male attention they can get. Regardless of who they hurt, they are manipulative and shrewed. They just think of themselves. They are not worth your time. Trust me there is nothing wrong with you, I would date you as would plenty of other girls on GaG. Just be patient, you will be fine

    • I agree. this ^ sure made me feel better! haha

    • you both are fine! It's one of the crappy things of being young

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  • lol this sounds so much like my friend.

    you enjoying being one of the 'nasty girls'? because I am lol

    And, how'd leonardwood treat you? I'm headed to benning for basic this summer then gordon for ait, gonna be super chair force, 94F

    girls come and go, don't worry too much about finding one, a lot of times the good ones 'find' you.. or you cross paths unintentionally

    • hah leonardwood wood blows, I was there for 20 damn weeks. I sure don't regret it though. thanks for the answer! Oh and by the way be very careful at Ft Gordon, apparently STDs are rampant there.. seriously. Also, the girl I mentioned in my question that I dated for a month actually went there for AIT, she is in my unit, and I know she hooked up with a lot of guys there LOL

    • yeah, apparently they are. Gordon is pretty laid back so a lot of stuff goes down apparently, and at my first ever drill this past weekend, I went to fort gordon and at the final formation, one of the sgt's was like "And I know a lot of you are promiscuous and like to have sex, USE PROTECTION" lol

  • Honestly your in the Army you should be getting around instead of dating. Pursuing a relationship in the Service is a foolish decision.

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