Being set up with a girl by a friend. How to ask..

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses.

My question is fairly simple. My best friend (whom I have known since we were 8 years old, we are now in our early 20's) is dating this girl who is pretty sociable. She knows quite a few people and after they have dated for almost 2 years, her and I have been friendly.

She has offered to set me up with this one girl that she thinks is a good match for me. Frankly, she has described her in a great way and I am kind of looking forward to getting the chance to meet her. But this was brought up to me about a week ago and not brought up since. I don't want to seem lame or anxious, but should I text my friends girlfriend and ask to set something up in the near future? Like a group outing maybe? Thanks.


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  • definitely do the group outing, that way its more laid back and you can see what she's like without having it be the "serious first date"

    • Agreed. As silly as it sounds, I'm just hesitant at asking my friends girlfriend about introducing us. I was worried it would seem to desperate or something...these are people that know me pretty well so I'd like to be painted in a god light for my first impression..

  • F*** ya dude, no shame in that. Text her and just bring it up! I would if in your shoes.