Multiple guys, one problem

There are a few guys I'm attracted to but I don't like any of them more than another one and I wouldn't say I'm into them, they are just really nice to me and they all seem to be taking a genuine interest in me but I'm not sure if any of them like or just see me as a good friend. I've been trying to flirt with them and get to know them all a little more on a personal level but I'm stuck on a guy that I know only sees me as a friend. I find myself comparing the other guys to him. He is like the ultimate and the others all seem to fall just short of him. They all have great qualities that make me really like them, but they all lack that certain characteristic that gives me butterflies. None of them can give me a smile and make my world melt but I can't have him so I'm trying to move on. Any advice, other than just forget about him and give it time?


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  • Its amazing that you found someone who can make your heart melt and I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out.

    On the other hand, no one is perfect. So why don't you try to go out with one of these other guys, and give them an honest chance. Try not to compare them to that one guy. You never know, someone might surprise you and make your heart melt, when you least expect it.


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