to date or not to do? surrounding factors!!! need clarification please

A fellow co-worker of mine has given one of her friends my number, she said that her friend was on her Facebook and checked out my profile and thought I was cute. My co-worker asked me if It was cool to give her my cell and I said sure, her friend added me on Facebook also and is super cute ! We have been talking via texts and I set up a date for Saturday! I just ended a 4 month relationship 2 days before I set up the date, I thought it could pick me back up after ended the relationship. However I've been doing some critical thinking and I don't think I should go on a date with this girl. I don't really want to get into a relationship right away, also if something were to go bad the girl who set this up is my MANAGER! and I don't want to be on bad terms with her at all, I EXTREMELY VALUE my job and don't need the work drama. Should I confront my co-worker about the ordeal I'm having? or should I just cancel on her friend? I'm not sure what to do PLEASE HELP EVERYONE!


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  • option one: DONT CANCEL. instead, go to dinner with her, and wait to see what kind of chemistry you two are having. if it's good chemistry and she doesn't seem crazy, (use your judgement skills) then find the right time to tell her your situation.

    option two is you don't have to tell her the situation you're in at all if she's hard to read. just see the chemistry, and if it's good, go with it. you never know if she is going to be amazing for you until you try. and remember, even though you got out of a relationship recently, they are ex's for a reason. the past is the past, move on and it shouldn't affect new relationships now. your manager should be mature enough to not blame you and fire you if this relationship goes bad.

    but if there isn't good chemistry, then politely tell her your situation and use that as the reason you wouldn't want anymore dates.

    sorry if this was hard to follow, but I hope it helps! just use your judgement to assess whether your job is more important than a relationship right now. since I don't know the people you're dealing with I can't properly tell you how to handle the boss siuation. I'm not sure how she'll react you know?

    good luck!


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